Welcome To OM Timber Mart

In the history of Om Timber Group, 1995 was a memorable year to engrave. Yes, the first seed of the group, “Om Timer Mart”, has been sown in the year 1995, at Shencottah lies along the Eastern Slope of Western Ghats in a conducive environment for timber trading. With dedication in work, tireless service and honest business dealings, now Om Timber Group has wide spread its branches of business communications in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Pondicherry and at overseas too.

The foundation stone of “Om Timber Group” was laid by the pioneers Harish N. Patel, Kishore N. Patel and pravin N. Patel who have decades of experience in timber trading as their long-established profession.

In the successive years, the developmental progression of the unit was outreached and strengthened by the eminent personality brothers with their long term vision and operational strategic missions to establish the name and fame of this entity. As the outcome of their industrious durable works, now Om Timber group has wide Spread business establishments in variety of fields like Timber, Plywood, Tiles, Sanitary Wares & Taps, Packaged Drinking Water, Freight Service and Ginning.

Today Om Timber Group stands and renders the best of its services through their well established branches at Shencottah, Trichy, Vellore in Tamilnadu and Gujarat as well.


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